Impure Purity

By: Lily Luchesi

“Come with me,” he said
“I’ve found a place
It’s just for us
Come with me
Stay forever in this eternity with me.”

I didn’t know where I was going
Just a baby, really
No power of my own
Falling, failing
He wanted me anyway
So I followed him
My heart as pure as an angel
My soul pained by my past

I fell into step with him
I felt something wasn’t right
I tried so hard, but I couldn’t find
A glimmer of soul
A presence of the mind
I came to know and love

His heart was guarded
His soul was ice
I thought I could break the walls
Be “normal” just for once
I ignored the warnings
And now I paid the price
I heard his voice in my head
And I woke up
To a demon in my bed

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