Ambrosia of Mists

By: Nuria Domro

Ambrosia of mists is the exile to which you condemn me,

with no company but the rain of salt crystals,

leaving trails of drowned “I love you”,

in the drought of virgin kisses that dream about you.

Sonnets of thousands of constellations of stars are poured

sparkling, when you play your piano, between each note,

leaving dazzling moons in my inert and broken nights

sewn with the echoes of your absence that never sleeps.

I will challenge your evenings filled with silence and forgetfulness

anchoring sunrises of an endless and impregnated verses

by a sublime and unfeigned love.

I know many women will say you “I love you”every day

but none of these ” I love you” has the blood of these verses

or the eternity of this poetry.

You can contact her on Twitter.



  1. Elan Mudrow · September 4, 2014

    Cool post. I like it!! Maybe we can share? Check out:


    • People Write Things · September 4, 2014

      Hey, Elan, we like the poem a lot! She is very talented.

      When you say share, what do you mean exactly?


      • Elan Mudrow · September 4, 2014

        Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you wrote the poem. I am just looking to share with other writers.

        Liked by 1 person

      • People Write Things · September 4, 2014

        Got ya! Our blog is a collection of writer-submitted poetry & short stories. We’re dedicated to promoting writers’ works both on our blog and our social media accounts. If you have any poetry or short stories you’d like to submit for us to promote, go ahead and check out our Rules & Submissions page on our blog! We’d love to help out.


      • Elan Mudrow · September 4, 2014

        Thanks for the invite. I don’t really consider myself a poet, rather a “meaning” manipulator, but I will check out your submission rules. Who knows. I’m more into just sharing.

        Liked by 1 person

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