The Whispers

By: Jari Jasmin

Rain trickled down from the sky
As the moon stood high and proud
Illuminating the streets and casting shadows
In every corner I chose to look

Lightning lit up the darkness
Like I had never seen before
Thunder like gunpowder
You could feel it in your chest

I walked casually down the street
Looking for solace and comfort
Or at least peace of mind
It felt good to be in the dark
It felt good to hide from curious glares for once

A few minutes later and I was at the closed gate
The cemetery was built for nights like this
A place where someone or something would finally listen
To what I had to say

No sooner had I jumped the fence
That I began to hear the whispers
At first distant but as I passed headstones
They grew louder, stronger, and angrier
Like they wanted something from me

As they kept speaking
I slowly began to lose it
Was this real?
What’s going on?
If this is a dream?
Please wake me up

I left after only a few minutes
Afraid doesn’t begin to describe what I felt
But yet they followed me
Not as loud but still present

After a few sleepless nights
and many therapy sessions
I’ve learned to coexist with them
They have become a part of me

I have become friends with all the whispers

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