You Will Always Be On My Mind

By: Gianfranco Aurilio

It might be the time
to want to destroy the memories
the desire
to want to keep them,
it might be the grudge
to want to erase
our love
the nostalgia
not to allow it.
It might be the fear
not to let us meet
the indecisiveness
not to make us talk
but whether this would last
a moment or a life
you will always be on my mind
because reason
is a stone,
a feather.


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The Prassonissi’s Miracle

By: Gianfranco Aurilio

my left cheek
grazes the Eastern sea
and the right one
the Western sea,
on that strip
of sand and dreams,
I wait for the tide
to flood me
and I wait
that just one sea,
for just one night at least,
makes me a man
of just one land.


Prassonissi is the far southern part of Rodi Island.
It is a promontory joined to the island by a strip of sand,
which separates the Aegean Sea from the rest of the Mediterranean Sea.
With the high tide the two seas join together
causing the phenomenon known as “The kiss of the two seas”.

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Words Within

By: B.A. Caravaca

Bone and blade clash
Steel and calcium collide
Pierced flesh, dismantled hide
Bloody eyes and rivers they cry

Sharp words wield pain
Engraved with a name
A double-edged flame
A beast that cannot be tamed

Scorching wounds, wonderful bruise
Smiles are absent in this terrible ruse
Red rivers dry to all shades of blues
Self inflicted with no one to amuse

We’re all savage in this safari
Truth bearing lips drip with sorries
To hear it instead can be quite gnarly
To do both at once is plain hari-kari

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The Box

By: Jay Duffey

Handcrafted and
empty, the light greens
of the soft interior, the
sanded cherry wood
shell divinely topped
by a picture
of a church
in a snowfield.

My lost faith,

my lost faith,
I’ll keep you
in my box.

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The Shades of Love

By: Gianfranco Aurilio

The shades of love

Passion burns
in the restless heart
veiled by doubts
the mind asks
it will not be a smile
to cover a gesture
that darkens the day
and the night shakes
one tear falls
hope flees

broken by pain

between rills of joy
and fragments of memories
which anchored to the chest
from the hands vanish
to come back stronger
and as the mists uncertain
the scents push
to cancel anxieties
and it will be love
to make me love again.

26. 8. ’13

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