Rules For Amateur Writers & How to Submit Poems/Short Stories


1. Work must be original. Any work that is discovered to be plagiarized will be immediately deleted.

2. No minimum word count. Writing shouldn’t exceed 8 typed pages (single-spaced).

3. Must be submitted in a word document for review.

4. Not all writing submitted will be accepted to post.

5. Will be posted as is. No editing for grammar or spelling will be done. So have it ready in a final draft before submitting for review!

6. No erotica literature will be posted.


Submit your writing to

In order to give proper credit to the author, please include your name & title.

Also, if you would like your social media accounts (twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc) mentioned, include that information in the e-mail as well. This blog is all about getting people’s work recognized and facilitating contact for potential writing opportunities. Keep in mind, however, we don’t link to Wattpad profiles. We appreciate your understanding!

Each work that gets posted to this blog will be followed by an accompanying Google + posts and tweets to help promote your work and get you views! See, we do the hard work for you!

Liability Disclosure

-The work published on this blog is not owned by People Write Things, nor does this blog pretend to own writer submitted content. Rather, it is owned by the author who submitted, as far as the work is original and not subject to plagiarism.

-This blog does not endorse beliefs and feelings expressed in any of the writing that is posted on this blog.

-Not all writings submitted for review will be posted. Submitting writing does not guarantee the writing will be posted.

-If you wish to have your writing taken down from this blog, contact stating your concern. Your concern will be reviewed, and it will be taken down at the moderator’s earliest convenience.

-By submitting writing to be reviewed and potentially posted, you acknowledge and imply the fact that your submission of writing is original and your own. Any plagiarized content will be deleted and user will be banned.

-By submitting your writing for review and potential publication on this blog, you give permission and consent for your content to be posted on this blog and promoted on any social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus).

-By submitting your work for review and for potential publication on this blog, you acknowledge you will not receive payment for your writing being posted on this blog. This blog’s purpose is to serve as a platform to share amateur writers’ talents and facilitate recognition. However, this blog does reserve the right to begin charging for new postings in the future.

-By submitting your writing for review and potential publication on this blog (People Write Things), you acknowledge all above conditions and rules


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